Services Offered That Will Provide Solutions

Transportation Safety & Compliance Solutions is one person (Mike Kroetsch).  There are distinct advantages of dealing with one person such as myself and that is your staff is getting the same message all the time.  When plans to coordinate services take place you are dealing directly with the person that will make it happen.

A third party safety service provider can re enforce the company safety messages and policies already in place with your in house training programs.

Have a look at what I have to offer in the following services list.  If you do not see what you are looking for I am a phone call away at 519-748-4420 or email

Action Plan

After a complete review of drivers files (collision reports, moving violations, pre trip inspection reports, driver logs and maintenance records), an Action Plan will be put together including training schedules and implementation time lines. This is a great opportunity to prepare for your fleet insurance renewal.

Collision Investigation

It is unfortunate that collisions do occur.  It is important to know and understand why a collision did occur regardless of the cost factor associated.

Numerous so called fender benders or the little dingers could be the big collision in the future if not managed early.

For a more serious collision on scene investigation may be required, contacting proper authorities, handle statements and organize driver statements.  TS&CS can set up a collision reporting procedure and protocol to meet your particular needs and the request of your fleet insurance carrier.

Collision Review

Today many large and small fleets are being proactive and hosting Collision Review Committees.  When a collision review committee is properly implemented the results can be very rewarding for the operator and the driver’s.

TS&CS offers training to members of the collision review committee on protocol, understanding the difference between a preventable and a non preventable collision.

It is important to share the findings from a collision review meeting with all drivers giving them the tools to be a safer driver.

Driver Pre-Employment Qualifications

This covers a full driver in cab evaluation.  Drivers pre trip inspection, an in cab driving evaluation to include a mix of driving conditions (city, highway and rural)  Some of the more complicated driving scenarios such as roundabouts, 4-way stops, double left turn intersection and double right turn intersections.

TS&CS can initiate the driver qualification file by collecting the driver abstracts, driver’s license and other documents required.

TS&CS can also participate in the driver interview process asking questions specific to a professional driver and previous history.

Driver Recruiting

Recruiting the right driver for your organization can be a costly experience and if it is not done right the first time the costs of a bad hire can potentially put you out of business.  I have over 25 years of experience of hiring the right driver to do a job safely.  Let me help you get the right driver into your truck.

Defensive/Decision Driving for the Professional Driver

Even a professional driver has to upgrade their skills.  Group meetings held to suit your operational needs and demands are available.  These meetings can be tailored to each operation focusing on your particular or potential issues.

Hours of Service

Hours of service training is important to all your drivers, in addition your operations staff and sales staff must have knowledge of these regulations to do their job and to sell the company services.

For a fleet operating in the U.S. the hours of service is an important part of the CSA rating, the company image and the future operation of a fleet.

In Cab Evaluations

  • Pre employment
  • Post collision
  • Skills upgrade
  • Return to work

An in cab evaluation is the best opportunity for any fleet operator to prove that the people operating the equipment are competent professional drivers.  The evaluations include a vehicle pre-trip inspection, written knowledge verification and a road test.

The road tests takes the driver into traffic scenarios and challenges that they may encounter on a daily basis.  These scenarios may include railway crossings, 4 way stops, large complicated intersections with double right or left turn lanes, and round about.

The evaluation will be reviewed with the driver on completion telling them of their strengths and weaknesses as a professional driver.  A full written report will follow.

The Return to Work Evaluation is one designed for the driver that is returning to the workplace after a period away from the workplace for any reason (medical or personal)  It is an opportunity to update skills and to see that they are ready to return to work.

Policy Implementation

In today’s world it is important and required part of any successful business to have policies and procedures.  Let TS&CS share knowledge and the years of transportation safety experience with your company to get policies in place or updated.

 Pre-Trip (vehicle) Inspections

The latest equipment, best maintenance programs and best techs in your shop are not the end all to avoiding an Out Of Service Violation at a truck inspection station.  You must have drivers that will diligently inspect the equipment daily.

For a commercial driver to obtain that licence they at one time had to demonstrate a vehicle inspection.  For some drivers that may have been a while back,  let’s face it things have changed over the years.  Unfortunately that veteran driver can get you into some serious trouble down the road.

This training can be one on one or group sessions and an eye opening experience.

Road Observations

It is impossible for a company to know exactly what their drivers a doing every minute of the day or night.  If you have taken the time and hired the right driver you may not require this service.

Many fleets have expensive technology that will record driver idling time, harsh braking, rapid acceleration times or the speed.  These are all important tools to a safe fleet.

However these tools will not tell you that your driver is parked in a no parking zone, not all systems will tell you that your driver is drifting out of their lane and only some will tell you when the driver is speeding in a speed zone other than 100 kph.

Give me a call and we can discuss options available.

Safety Meetings

You can pick the subjects for the next safety meeting.  Or alternatively, let me look over your files and records and determine where your training needs maybe.

Safety Supervisor Training

In this one day course the tools are given to the staff of your safety department to help them understand roles and responsibilities.

Participants will be given ideas on how to deal with situations that may arise.

Foremost keep your fleet in compliance with the regulations.