Collision Review Committee

One of the many services that Transportation Safety & Compliance Solutions offers is Collision Review Committee.

There was a collision to review that really motivated some good conversation.  The intersection was a busy intersection and the driver was making a right hand turn.  At this intersection there were 2 lanes for the driver to choose from to make the right turn.  The driver made the decision to use the #2 lane or the extreme left lane.

I learned as a driver on a collision review committee that the commercial vehicle should make the turn from the right lane.  Or as one of my colleagues would say “ it is recommended that when in a CMV  making a double right turn that the CMV should be in the right lane”.  I know that as a driver I did not agree 100% that the CMV should be in the right lane but maybe not as wise back then as I am today.

Anyway I reached out to about 20 of my counterparts that are driver trainers and hold an AZ license.  I was surprised at some of the feedback that I received and from opposite ends of the spectrum.  The first trainer  that I spoke to.  His answer was simple. “Keep left and wide and the driver will miss any vehicle coming up on the right.  Now think back to an intersection that is just one lane turning right and a car gets between the trailer and the curb you tell the driver he just had a preventable collision because he left too much room for a vehicle to get between him and curb.  Pretty much the answers I got back were split 3 ways.  Some said without a doubt keep left.  Other felt best to keep right and there were a few undecided or well it depends on numerous variables to the specific intersection as well as where the driver is headed to next.

I guess that goes back to my colleague that said “ it is recommended that when in a CMV  making a double right turn that the CMV should be in the right lane”!

In the scenario a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Be a defensive driver and concede the right of way.
  2. Move slow and steady and never let your guard down.
  3. If your mirrors are not properly adjusted it is a little too late now to think about that.

The majority did suggest to keep right, the next largest group said to keep right however there maybe circumstances that dictate to keep to the left lane.

I would like to hear what your thoughts are on this.

Mike Kroetsch

42 years experience in the truck transportation industry, founder and owner of Transportation Safety & Compliance Solutions for the last 6 years.

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