Bad Instructions Led to Crash with Train

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Transportation Safety & Compliance Solutions

August 14, 2014

First off what really got my attention was all the training that the driver received.  The fact that the customer was even involved in the training process was impressive.  That specific training is understandable given the nature of the product being transported.

What I seen here was a lot of due diligence on behalf of the carrier and the shipper.  As well other parties involved went the due diligence route with a preferred route into and out of the facility.  We do not know if preferred routing was solely for safety purposes, or to keep the neighbours happy by keeping the trucks off the residential streets?

Unfortunately that piece of routing communication did not get to the driver for some unknown reason.

One item that I hope gets attention from Ridgeview Transport, Plains Midstream, as well as all trucking company and their customers is the pressure placed on drivers to make the tight window times in conjunction with the Hours of Service regulations.  But then again was this poor time management on the driver’s behalf?


Mike Kroetsch

Owner Transportation Safety & Compliance Solutions

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